CareWell and Beyond Silos Joint Final Conference

The CareWell BeyondSilos Joint Final Conference took place on 28 February in Barcelona, Spain at the CosmoCaixa Science Museum.

The one-day conference was hosted by "la Caixa" Banking Foundation. With over 80 participants in attendance, it announced the final results of the two integrated care projects to the general public. The event featured three keynote addresses by EC Policy Officer Arnaud Senn, former Basque Health Minister Rafael Bengoa and Jeanine Vos, GSMA Connected Living Executive Director.

The two projects were introduced by their coordinator in a joint session. The event also hosted a round table discussion with representatives of deployment sites. Additionally, a poster session with 14 posters on display was organised.

In his talk on the political view point on integrated care system implementation, Rafael Bengoa stressed that the gap between academia and policy makers needs to be bridged through more top-down mandated initiatives like the CareWell and BeyondSilos projects.

The conference was livestreamed on the websites of the two projects. Watch the recording, consult the agenda and browse the presentation slides here.