Apulia, Italy

Apulia [Puglia] is a region of Southern Italy. Its southernmost part, known as Salento, forms the high heel of Italy’s "boot". The region comprises 19,345 km2, and its population is about 4.1 million. The capital of the Region is Bari, situated on the coast.

Healthcare system

Apulia’s public healthcare service is organized into six local authorities, two hospital trusts and two research institutes, with a total health workforce of about 40.000 professionals. The 49 social and health care districts cover a region of 258 municipalities varying considerably in population size and density. Bigger municipalities are situated mostly on the coast.

AReS Puglia, the regional healthcare agency, is the technical facilitator of the regional government’s healthcare service. In cooperation with the health districts and the hospital trusts, the agency organises and provides the healthcare services of the region, guaranteeing an adequate delivery of service. Among others, it is responsible with the implementation of an integrated approach to chronic patients according to Puglia's Chronic Care Model, which includes the use of remote monitoring/ teleservice.

eHealth maturity

Care Puglia, Apulia’s existing approach to chronic care, is underpinned by a web-based platform that provides professionals with the ability to manage patients. It provides connection services and brokers access between all operators of the public administration and the nodes of the health care system. The open source software manages the access to profiles of all those involved in the care of chronic patients. The system’s clinical framework forms the base for an information folder. The folder contains the patient's medical history, clinical evaluations and nursing, therapy, diaries, notes, and a complex system for follow-up of patients. These follow-up activities are carried out by a “Care Manager” – a specialised nurse.

The system is manages all forms of diagnostic imaging and supports the implementation of specific work flows, for example, a process for second opinion, and other consultations and specialized activities.

CareWell services

Patient empowerment & home support pathway

Integrated care coordination pathway

For more details about the Apulian pilot, download the factsheet.


Francesca Avolio
Elisabetta Anna Graps
Steering Committee
Agenzia Regionale Sanitaria della Puglia, Puglia, Italy
Via Gentile 52, 70126 Bari(BA), Italy
Phones + 39 0805403 – 219 / -171




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