Veneto Region, Italy

The Veneto Region is one of Italy’s twenty one regions. It is situated in the North-Eastern part of the country. The region is divided into seven provinces and 581 municipalities. Famous towns are Venice, Padua, Verona and Treviso, but most of the 4.9 million inhabitations actually live in small towns. Thus the region is densely populated apart from the mountainous north east where Local Health and Social Auhority nr.2 of Feltre is located. The LHA of Feltre serves 85,000 inhabitants and is faced with an ageing population.

Healthcare System

Health and social services for the resident population are provided by the Veneto Regional Government through the Regional Social and Health system. The Regional Social and Health system consists of 21 Local Health and Social Authorities and two Hospital Trusts (HTs). One of the main features of Veneto Region’s health model is the strong integration of health and social care which is guaranteed through a close cooperation between municipalities and the Local Health and Social Authorities.

ULSS N.2, the Local Health and Social Authority (LHSA) of Feltre, delivers health and social care through a secondary level hospital, a hospice, and a physical rehabilitation centre. In Feltre 14% of the population is older than 65 years of age. They receive assistance at home from professionals of the “Social and Health District”, a structure focusing on the needs of primary health care, elderly and social care.

eHealth maturity

Veneto Region together with the Local Health Authorities and the municipalities, have made a 24/7 telecare service available. At any time, a call centre provides support to patients who call in with a health issue. All services are governed by the local plan of action, drafted every five years by a joint commission of representatives from the municipalities and the board of directors of the LHAs. A crucial role is played by the partnership between the LHAs and over 50 voluntary and charity associations that work actively in the territory.

CareWell serivces

Patient empowerment and home support pathway

Integrated care coordination pathway

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