Lower Silesia, Poland

Lower Silesian [Dolny Śląsk] Voivodeship (LSV) is one of the 16 voivodeships (provinces) into which Poland is currently divided; it is situated in the southwest of Poland. Its capital and largest city is Wrocław, located at the Odra (Oder) river. Lower Silesia covers an area of 19,946 km2, and as of 2013 has a total population of almost 3 million

Healthcare system

In Poland, the Ministry of Health is in charge of policies and regulations regarding the healthcare system, as well as of medical reaserch and education. The National Health Fund (NFZ) finances primary and secondary health care services and it supported by its regional branches. Healthcare insurance in Poland is compulsory and state funded, available to all citizens and registered long-term residents.  The main insurance contributions come from employers and employees, pooled by the NFZ and redistributed  across 16 regions. The government budget finances public health services like expensive medicines and specialised tertiary care. Lower levels of territorial administration and self-government are responsible for the general strategy and planning based on health needs of the population in the given region.

eHealth maturity

Information technologies have caused major changes in the Polish health care system. Currently, the digital economy is driven by new ICT tools, which offer hospitals, doctors and patients access to information. These tools encourage the development of new activities and health services. eHealth contributes to the understanding of change in the Polish health care system.

CareWell services

Patient empowerment & home support pathway

Integrated care coordination pathway

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Antoni Zwiefka
Local Project Coordinator
LSV Marshal Office, Department of Health and Voivodeship Promotion
Walońska 3-5, 50-413 Wrocław, Poland
Phone +48 717704305




CareWell at the Lower Silesia deployment region


CareWell at the Lower Silesia-Saxony Innovation Forum on Active and Healthy Ageing