Powys, Wales, UK

Powys is a principal area, local-government county and preserved county in Mid Wales. It is named after the successor Kingdom of Powys, which formed after the Romans withdrew from Britain. The modern county sits upon the ancient land. Powys covers an area of 5,179 km², making it the largest county in Wales by land area, but the least densely populated with a total population of 133,000.

Healthcare system

Powys Teaching Health Board (PTHB) is a rural health board and one of seven Health Boards in Wales. It is unique in that all of its services are community based; patients need to travel out of the county for secondary care services. Powys has nine Community Hospitals including four Minor Injuries Units with 17 GP practices. It also has one innovative integrated health and social care centre. Challenges include having an ageing population, high rurality, hidden deprivation, and difficulties in accessing services including those related to transport. There is a greater percentage of people aged over 50, and a substantially smaller proportion of working age adults in Powys compared with Wales as a whole.

PTHB works closely with organisations in Wales and England to provide services for the people of Powys and strives to bring as many services as possible back into Powys, including assessment and follow ups after treatment. The health board also works closely with Powys County Council and the voluntary sector to meet the needs of the community.

eHealth existing

The main fully Electronic Health Record (EHR) in place is owned by general practitioner (GP) practices, who are independent contractors within the Welsh NHS system.  A number of software systems have been in use, but all practices in Powys are moving to a single package (EMIS). GPs and hospitals are able to communicate via the Wales Clinical Gateway (WCCG) and the Wales Clinical Portal. The Welsh Health Video Network provides a secure audio and video conferencing system. A national health advisory service is in place called NHS Direct.  This is an independent service and not currently linked to local systems. Some acute hospital services have home-based telehealth links in place. There is a Patient Administration System (Myrddin) in place in Powys that is not currently used by most community nursing services.  Social care use a system called Ddraig.  A national procurement exercise is underway to commit to an integrated health and social care patient administration system. There are no formal patient empowerment systems in place from the Health Board, but some are provided by other organisations in the NHS system.

CareWell services

Patient empowerment & home support pathway

Integrated care coordination pathway

For more details about the Powys pilot, download the factsheet.


Daniel Davies
Project Manager
Powys Teaching Health Board
Bronllys Hospital; Bronllys, Brecon, Powys, LD03 0LS
Phone +44 1874 712428



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