KRONIKGUNE is an international excellence centre in research on chronicity, which represents the Basque healthcare services in international projects and actions aimed at developing products and services and their deployment in Basque Country.

Osakidetza - Servicio vasco de salud Osakidetza, Spain

Osakidetza, created in 1983 is the public healthcare system of the Basque Country. Osakidetza employs more than 30.000 professionals and oversees all 14 public hospitals and more than 100 primary care clincs all over the Basque Country.

PHB - Powys Teaching Health Board, United Kingdom

Operating in the most sparsely populated area of Wales Powys Teaching Health Board works with partners for the provision of professional  education, training, research and evaluation in order to ensure the delivery of care is meeting needs of the local population.

International Foundation for Integrated Care

Established in 1997, the Institute of Rural Health is an academic charity with a remit that spans the UK and beyond. The IRH focuses on health and wellbeing through a diverse portfolio of work which includes the application of eHealth technologies.

AReS Puglia –Agenzia Regionale Sanitaria della Puglia, Italy

The Regional Healthcare Agency of Puglia ist he technical support oft he regional Government’s Helthcare department. Together with Health districts and Hospital trusts is is responsible for organizing healthcare services of the entire region in order to guarantee the adequate delivery of services.

hdfez – Hrvatskodruštvo za farmakoekonomiku i ekonomiku zdravstva, Croatia

The Croatian Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Health Economics (CSPHE) is a civil non governmental association, which has actively shaped Croatian healthcare reforms. It has notably introduced pharmacoeconomics and principles of health economics to Croatian health care regulations.

LSV - Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Dolnośląskiego, Poland

Lower Silesian Marshal’s Office is a local authority institution responsible for Health Protection including different areas of activities for elderly people being part of the state and the National Health Fund responsibility. LSV initiates and implements EU health programs in the region.

VENETO - Unita Locale Socio-Sanitaria N. 2 Feltre, Italy

The Veneto Regional Government provides health and social serices to the resident population through the Regional Health System, which is composed of 21 Local Health Authorities and two Hospital Trusts. By appointment the Local Health Authority nr.2 of Feltre is representing Veneto in CareWell project.

RSD - Region Syddanmark, Denmark

As one of five regions in Denmark RSD is responsible for running the health service of the region. Focusing on eHealth and telemedicine implementation RSD currently has four hospital units running a total of 18 hospitals which have implemented telemedicine services.

empirica - Gesellschaft für Kommunikations- und Technologieforschung mbH, Germany

Empirica is as a leading European and global institute with a broad understanding of the political, strategic, clinical, business and socio-economic questions raised by health system change and eHealth tools. Empirica is a service development expert in the field of integrated care.

HIM - Health Information Management SA, Belgium

HIM SA is a joint venture company between HIM Ltd., a UK-based company specialised in ICT strategic consultancy, and Dedalus, a leading supplier of eHealth solutions to the Italian market also active in a number of emerging market such as China, South Africa and Turkey.

ENT - Ericsson Nikola Tesla D.D., Croatia

Ericsson Nikola Tesla (ENT) is the largest specialized provider of telecommunications products, solutions and services in Central and Eastern Europe. ENT is a developer and provider of e-systems  solutions as well as system integrator in ICT domain.

FER - Sveuciliste u Zagrebu Fakultet elektrotehnike I računarstva, Croatia

The University of Zagreb, Croatia (1669) is the oldest and biggest university in South-Eastern Europe. Its Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing is the leading Croatian academic and R&D institution in the field of electrical engineering and ICT.