Policy Background

In recent years, national governments, the European Commission and WHO Europe have been promoting the implementation of integrated health and wellbeing care service models. Against this background, CareWell follows the example of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) B3 Action Group. Supporting the understanding of integrated care as “a coherent set of methods and models on the funding, administrative, organisational, service delivery and clinical levels designed to create connectivity, alignment and collaboration within and between the cure and care sectors” (Kodner & Spreeuwenberg 2002), CareWell is fully aligned with ICT PSP policy priorities.

The EIP–AHA aims at increasing by the year 2020 the number of healthy life years of Europeans by two. In the quest to achieving this ambitious goal, integrated care could play a major role by applying integrated care coordination, patient empowerment, and home support pathways. The implementation of organisational and service process models which are supported and enabled by ICT solutions would add up to the plan.

In order to join forces, EIP AHA B3 Action Group identified Action areas addressing challenges related to the wide-scale introduction of integrated care solutions.The majority of CareWell regions are already committed to these key areas of EIP AHA B3 which is why the comprehensive approach of this project will lead to substantial contributions to all action areas and will help to achive EIP AHA B3 Action Group’s targets.

But not only EIP AHA B3 Action group’s goals are addressed. While the European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe advocates the “secure online access to [...] medical health data and achieve widespread telemedicine deployment”, the eHealth Action Plan puts emphasis on the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for telemedicine services supporting the efforts towards increased digital health literacy. Addressing these objectives, CareWell becomes a showcase and exemplar project in the field of integrated care contributing to the improvement in the management of chronic diseases and boosting innovative solutions in a single digital market.


Further Reading

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